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Psychology and Science based HR Development

Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

Solving problems at work that are a result of individual, team or organizational behavior is my specialty. I support leaders and teams during their strategic plan to create an inclusive culture of psychological safety based on increased employee satisfaction and motivation in the workplace. With the use of scientific evidence and tools from psychology and neuroscience I am trained to support any type of threat state in the brain (stress, burnout, conflict, lack of motivation, communication issues).

Psychological Safety at work

How does Psychological Safety lead to Employee Satisfaction?

When there is a Culture of Psychological Safety in the organization each team member feels recognized, treated with equity, and included with respect and fairness. In a working environment where employees feel trust, empathy and self-acknowledgement, productivity, creativity, team identity and motivation are enhanced.

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Psychology and science HR Development

Identify your personality and leadership style and preferences and develop your team

Training on the Science of Human Behavior in the workplace

Unconscious bias
Threat state
Emotional needs at work
Professional personality traits
Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Growth and fixed mindset
The main emotional needs at work
Identifying threat state and dealing with it
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Strategy
Unconscious bias mitigation
Creating a culture of Psychological Safety


Self-awareness and understanding inclusion

Self awareness and the challenge of Inclusion
Quintax Personality test (να σβήσουμε το psychometric)
In-group vs Out-group
Threat state in the brain

A model based upon the concepts of transformational, transactional, and passive leadership preferences. Conclusions and action plan for improvement.


Empathy leadership and understanding threat state

Empathy leadership and managing "threat state"
Culture of Psychological Safety
Leadership Development

Employee satisfaction diagnostics (climate survey, focus groups ect.)
Training plan on the science of human behavior, DEI foundation concepts and identifying and dealing with threat in the brain.
Quintax psychometric testing for leadership development and role allocation
Creating Safe Spaces


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Recent Collaborations

— Jennie Kamaradou

Psychology and Science based HR Development
Occupational Psychologist – Neuroscience Leadership
Quintax Psychometrics – British Psychological Society
DEI Strategist – Northwestern University
L&D Expert – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development HR Strategic Diploma

I can help you develop your leadership skills

I am an organizational psychologist and business consultant. I specialize in human resource management and leadership development.

I have 15 years of experience in personality profiling, teamwork and leadership development and human resource selection and talent management.


What do leaders who have tried Quintax say

And how has it changed their mindset
Quintax is not just another psychometric test. It is a work tool and a valuable source of material that helps me in my leadership role. It has helped us as a leadership team to corporate in a more effective way, has helped us to enhance team identity and delegate roles in the team more efficiently. With the help of Jennie Kamaradou in the interpretation of the results and the personalized action plan she created for us we have created a new improved level of leadership and cooperation. Thanks for everything.
Clio Seiragaki
Owner at Digitale
The Quintax test I did with Jennie Kamaradou really helped me with my time management as well as with identifying my preferences that drive my behavior and interactions with others. I now have a more productive communication with my team and a better working balance. I am now able to accept and engage in diversity and difference of opinion. My business relationships are far more effective than before.
Madalena Kaniouri
Digital Account Manager, Yellow Pages Greece
The Quintax reports and their explanation by Jennie Kamaradou have helped me identify my professional preferences and needs as well as how to offer personalised motivation to the members of my team. The results and action plan have greatly enhanced my leadership skills and changed my working relationships.
Claire Venouka
Brand General Manager Balkans Aveda / Bumble & Bumble at The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
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Employee satisfaction diagnostics and team dynamics
Surveys, psychometric testing, focus groups
Learning and Development strategic plan based on corporate needs
Execution – Evaluation – Review
Human behavior is “Work in progress” and never stops evolving.

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