What is psychometric testing?

Quintax uses psychometric testing to create reports which analyze one’s professional personality and profile type, leadership style and team role preference. The results are used to assist entrepreneurs and team leaders improve their leadership skills and to support the human resources department during the selection and talent management process.

Quintax is an assessment and management tool developed in the UK and certified by the British Psychological Society and offers personalized and practical solutions.

Quintax® Test

Who is Quintax® for?

Entrepreneurs/Company owners
The biggest challenge for an entrepreneur or company owner is communicating efficiently with employees and clients to achieve maximum productivity and win-win agreements and collaboration. It has been proven that efficient leadership can be developed but it requires self-awareness, empathy, and knowledge of behavioral science.
Team Leaders
Communication between team members can become complex and can create barriers for optimal interaction and collaboration. Knowing each member’s personality traits, preferences and motivators and allocating roles according to them is crucial. Doing all that in an inclusive culture of psychological safety leads to increased productivity, creativity, and strong team dynamics.
HR Department
Creating a team or personalized Learning and Development plan on issues such as mental health, empathy leadership, diversity equity and inclusion and psychological safety set the foundations for increased employee satisfaction and high levels of motivation and efficiency.


A rich range of reports is available through Quintax. The reports can be categorized in three main domains. The first domain are the reports which analyze personality traits in a business context by describing the respondent’s profile and type. The “Profile and Type Reports” offer a holistic summary of the respondent’s preferences and strengths, along with a type pen portrait, possible development areas and tips for development, with a description on learning style, time management and temperament.

The second domain are the reports which refer to leadership style. In the “Leadership Style Report” a model is presented based upon the concepts of transformational, transactional and passive leadership. Scores and interpretation are provided as well as a conclusion, developmental tips, and action plan.

The third domain are reports which refer to team role. The “Team Role Report” is focused on the respondent’s behavior and contributions towards the team. Scores and interpretation are provided for nine team roles as well as developmental tips and action plan.


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