Why flexible working is important for talent retention

Flexible working is the new world order. Many employees are now keen to maintain a flexible working environment to help them balance their personal and professional lives and businesses need to respond to employee demands if they want to keep talent that is vital to ensuring their readiness for the future.

While some businesses have reinstated regular full-time office-based work, research shows that four in five organizations believe that flexible working arrangements will be critical to their future success. Driven by a need to optimize productivity and alongside a renewed focus on staff welfare, flexible working practicesare increasingly seen delivering results for the organization.

Flexible working

Research has shown that most businesses see offering employees the flexibility of where and when they work as a competitive advantage, and the large majority consider it an essential offering to attract and retain the right talent now and in the future.

In a potentially troubling sign, research has also shown that quite a few businesses say they don’t support flexible working for their staff, creating potential points of conflict.

Closing the technology gap

Work flexibility is highly dependent on the development and deployment of robust digital strategies and infrastructures and is becoming such an important factor for businesses as it is a top reason to invest in new technology infrastructure. But that investment can be costly and time intensive. Businesses need to carefully consider the tech stack that will work best for their individual needs. Do they need tools that enable instant chat functions, or is email still suitable? Similarly, how do they want staff to access documentation – and just as importantly what steps do they need to take to protect it?

To maintain or grow productivity levels, and to be prepared for the future, businesses must carefully examine the best approach that enables their staff to deliver their best work.

The future is flexible

Designing and building a flexible working & flexible workplace is becoming paramount to any organization that wants to prepare itself for the future. While not all have or plan to adopt fully flexibleworking practices, the desire to change in readiness for challenges in the future is growing. Meeting the expectations of current staff, as well as attracting and retaining talent, is going to ensure financial success in the future.

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