Leadership Development

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Leadership Development


Quintax Leadership Style Report

A model based upon the concepts of transformational, transactional, and passive leadership preferences. Summary of scores and analysis of sub-components and conclusions and action plan for improvement.

Duration: 1 hour of online analysis and consulting. The “Professional Personality Analysis” is a prerequisite.



More about Leadership Development

Transformational leadership is when a leader communicates the vision and inspires the team while at the same time considering individuals. Transactional leaders monitor performance so that they can intervene early on and give feedback and reward appropriately. Passive leadership, which is considered non active, are reactive in monitoring the team and non-interventional to the extent to which they allow others to work unguided and independently. Scores and interpretation are provided on these and on sub-components. A page for the respondent to summarize their conclusions and produce an action plan is provided.

  • Subsequent to 1 to 1 feedback to discuss leadership implications.
  • Written feedback for respondent review.
  • Leadership development workshops.
  • Coaching around leader performance issues.
  • Career management.
  • Leader selection.


Quintax® Leadership Style Report