Professional Personality Analysis and Impact at Work

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Professional Personality Analysis and Impact at Work


Quintax Managerial & Professional Impact Report

Descriptive summary of respondent’s profile, working style, “perspectives” and temperament. Implication of those preferences and combination of attributes in working relationships, leadership style and communication.

Duration: 40 min for the test completion and 2 hours online consulting and analysis of the results.



More about Professional Personality Analysis and Impact at Work

The report includes a descriptive summary of the respondent’s profile; a detailed report of the respondent’s working style for each trait; sections on ‘perspectives’ and ‘deep structure’ that deal with combinations of attributes and their implications for work.

This report provides information about the respondent’s fundamental Quintax personality styles and preferences as they impact upon their work behavior. It is set in a managerial and/or professional context, but its implications apply to a broad range of different jobs and occupations. Based on a widely accepted model of how adults act, think and relate to other people at work, it allows the identification of the typical ways in which the respondent deals with the requirements of their work setting and job role. All personality preferences bring some advantages and disadvantages when engaging with work, and this report describes those that may apply to this respondent.

Used for:

  • Subsequent to initial feedback for discussion of detailed profile implications.
  • As feedback for interview panels in selection events.
  • In assessment centers.
  • Individual development work and coaching around temperament, and deep structure aspects of profile.
  • Career coaching and management.


Quintax® Managerial Professional Impact Report