Professional Personality Analysis

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Professional Personality Analysis


Quintax Profile and Type Report

A complete picture of the respondent’s preferences in a business context on the five factor scales. Holistic summary of the typical impact of responses, strengths, pen portrait, development areas and tips for improvement.

Duration: 40 min for the test completion and 2 hours online consulting and analysis of the results.



More about Professional Personality Analysis

The Profile Chart provides a complete picture of the respondent’s profile along with scores on the Team Role model. This is color graded to illustrate the clarity of the respondent’s preferences on the five factor scales. The five factors are Extraversion, Criticality, Organization, Intellectual Focus and Emotional involvement. The primary purpose is to support 1 to1 oral feedback with the respondent to identify personality preferences and to combine the results with real life examples in behavior at work.

The Type Report takes the poles of the five factors which are closest to the results of the respondent and gives a holistic summary of the typical impact of their responses. This provides a description of the respondent’s preferences and their strength, along with a type pen portrait, strengths, possible development areas and tips for development, with summaries on learning style, time management, and temperament. Further information is provided about the respondent’s type and preferences, and how to understand these and their links with work behavior.

Usually used:

  • As a basis of 1 to 1 feedback process on professional personality preferences.
  • As a tool to measure team personality diversity.
  • To provide concise advice to interview panel in selection events.
  • To assist university graduates in career choices.
  • To provide input or wash-up summary for use in assessment centers.


Quintax® Profile Chart

Quintax® Type Report