Promotion: Finally your turn!

Thinking about how much you’d like to get that promotion you’ve been talking about for a while, but wondering what you should finally do? What makes the rest of your colleagues more suitable? How will you get into the game and claim your rightful place in the team?

Let’s note at this point that this article concerns both physical, remote and hybrid work environments!

Knowledge and skills

Make sure you have all the necessary knowledge to claim the position and promotion you desire! Do not hesitate to invest in your training, increase your self-awareness and of course pursue continuous training through having a growth mindset at work by participating in workshops and seminars!

Pursuing continuous training to always stay up to date and one step ahead is crucial. It will also make a difference if you do get promoted, to maintain your job.


Second and equally important is to decide how much and why you want this promotion. What will you gain? This will help you exhibit the reasons you are asking for it.

Whatever your motivation for this position is, financial, value, or other, make it known to the person responsible for selecting the position. It will show that you can take on the difficulties that come with it.


Finally, personally evaluate if you can get this promotion! Note your strengths and weaknesses. See if you meet the requirements of the position.

If you have the typical characteristics, but do not know if you are able to bear the weight of this promotion, we suggest you take a psychometric professional personality test. It will help you create a behavioral action plan and understand your professional behavior and the way you act in the workplace.


Nothing is impossible in this life! What you need to do is get organized and think about your next steps to get the promotion you want. Ask for help from our occupational psychologist to proceed correctly.

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