Team Role Allocation

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Team Role Allocation


Quintax Team Role Report

This report is focused on the respondent’s team behavior and contributions. Scores and interpretation are provided for nine team roles in the model. A summary of their conclusions and action plan is provided to enhance team interaction, communication, and role delegation. All members of a team can also take the test for a workshop session.

Duration: 1 hour of online analysis and consulting. Workshop if the whole team completes the questionnaire.



More about Team Role Allocation

The most successful and high performing teams are those which are diverse. Those which include team members who reflect the whole range of team roles necessary to support team working. Reviewing the balance of preferences within a team will assist in identifying where the team might have strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge can be used to enable the team to either develop processes to ensure that essential team functions are supported or co-opt team members who can deliver those functions. Knowledge of team role preferences can also assist in determining the composition of new teams. The team roles analyzed in this report are those of: Harmonizer, Thinker, Networker, Expert, Evaluator, Finisher, Driver, Deliverer and Organizer.


Quintax® Team Role Report