Self Employed: Definition & Needs

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Self employed, essentially is the person who offers services on his own to a set of other companies that in turn either offer services or products. That means, that they work on their own company. Another wellknown term describing the same category isfreelancers”.

A self employed experience every day several advantages, due to the high level of freedom. On the other side, there are the long schedules and the parallel management of projects and clients. At the same time they maintain their own business and have to pay all the costs arising from it, taxes, fixed costs and monthly costs.

A typical example of a self employed could be a graphist or a web developer.


Collaboration: Self employed & Business Phycologist

In Greece it is not common to visit a business psychologist. In this article we will see how a business psychologist can help, even small businesses. Can help increase productivity, upgrade the customer service and helps to deal with operational and management issues. Generally, guides a business to grow its turnover, and its clientele. Remember that small changes lead to big changes!

Even a business with one (self employed), two or three employees which considers small, still has needs. Essential needs, that we will seebelow.



The business psychologist can contribute to the way the company and the whole team express their selves. Even a self-employed to the clients. The aim  is the customers to enjoy the services and the treatment, while they will feel safe and open to communication, without hesitating to express their wish and their concerns.

An example is, if a web developer has difficulties to book a job or a new project, the business psychologist can find the issue in the communication, which is the obstacle to the desired result. So, there are solution she can suggest, such as “give time to the customer and listen to his needs”. Either through an online session or face to face during their first appointment. That way, the customer will feel, that the services provided are valuable and he will be secure to proceed to his decision.

Time Management

As hard as it is for big companies to manage their time, it is equally difficult for small ones, even more for a self-employed. It can be manageable, if there is a project, but a company can have more than one projects during the same periods. The business psychologist will give directions. Of course the final decision is always yours.

Some of the solutions that can be given are outsourcing, where you can divide a project into individual smaller tasks and outsource them for a certain cost. An alternative could be to have prepared some templates that fit a certain number of projects. That way it will be more accessible in terms of cost and management. That way you customers can choose them, if their needs are not too big.

For more personalized solutions as selfemployed, discuss your needs in a session with our Business Psychologist.


As well as you know your job, since you decide to become self-employed and run your own business, there are difficulties.

In your previous job, when you were an employee, the work sharing and your job position perhaps has given you the opportunity to express yourself and your capability. Now that you run your own business; you have to do everything by yourself. You are at the same time, the employer, the employee, the accountant, the advertiser, the graphist etc. So the question is, are you efficient enough?

We need to emphasize at this point, that of course as a self-employed you can get involved in something and bring it to fruition. But what if that “costs” you more time, in which you could have completed three projects for example. Then perhaps you should think of giving the projects to outsourcers for an agreed fee. Every personality has its own characteristics. You can take the Quintax Test which will literally untie your hands!


If you believe that you have been helped through this article, book a session here with our business psychologist, to examine all these small issues, which perhaps are keeping you away from success!

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